The Role of Tourism Supporting Facilities in Determining the Inflow of Tourist. In Case of Ethiopia

Moti Tafa Negero


Ethiopia has immense tourism potential owing to its natural, historical and cultural, but the country has poorly performing and getting lower economic from the sector and Ethiopian tourism sectorperformances have not yet been studied in details by scholars. However this paper, will identify tourism supporting facilities that determines tourist inflow to the country. Ethiopia has diversified tourism potential, on the contrary poorly performing country in terms of tourist inflows compare to African nations that have relatively less tourism factor resources. To develop the tourism industry, the most important question which is researchable is what supporting tourism facilities arethey the determines inflow of tourists.The study finding identified that the five most important determinants are: peace and stability, regional airports, international advocacy and marketing, access to tourist attractions, and hospitality service werefoster inflow of tourists in Ethiopia. Therefore, to develop the tourism potential and maximizing economic benefits and in the effort to reduce poverty and underdevelopment in Ethiopia giving attention to above aforementioned factor is highly important.


Tourism, Inflow, Stability, Factors, Facilities, Service

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