Effect of Corporate Governance on Tax Planning & Firm Value

Giovan Bhagiawan, Mukhlasin Mukhlasin


The objectives of this study are to examine the effect of tax planning on firm value with the moderating influence of corporate governance, including board size, board independence, audit quality, board gender diversity, and audit committee size. This research was conducted on manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) during 2016-2018, with 266 observational data. Having different from previous study, this study uses more diverse moderating variables with empirical evidence from Indonesian companies. The results of the regression analysis prove that tax planning has a positive effect on firm value where these results are in line with traditional theories. Other regression analysis results, gender diversity board of directors and audit committee size weakens the relationship between tax planning and firm value. However, board size, board independence, and audit quality do not affect the tax planning relation on firm value.


Tax Planning; Firm Value; Corporate Governance; Audit Quality; Audit Committee

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