Political Risk and Turkey 2002-2019

Kahraman Arslan, Tuğçenur Ekinci Furtana


Political risk has become a common topic in recent years. Political risk, which is considered as the main parameter of country risk by international rating agencies, affects CDS credit scores and foreign investor decisions, which are very important in international trade. This study aimed to investigate the factors that make up Turkey as an example of political risk. Accordingly, the situations involving the political risk and the effects of the country in the period after the 2001 financial crisis were analyzed. Examples of political content and measure the risk scoring system used in the PRS Group research company, including risks related to the methods and principles taken from the 2001-2019 year, Turkey was subjected to analysis with this data. Besides scores of different international rating agencies it is made by comparing a general assessment about Turkey. It was determined that the political risk damaged the country's economy, growth, investment and future. In order to reduce the perceived political risk in the international system of Turkey, emphasized the necessity of the factors affecting ratings are given.


Political Risk, FDI, Country Risk, Credit Rating

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