A Comprehensive Analysis of Inter-Relationships among Overall Service Quality, Trust, Satisfaction and Learner’s Loyalty within the Supportive Vocational Education and Training

Figen Yıldırım, Özgür Çengel, Cihad Demirli, Ali Altuğ Biçer, Mehmet Sağlam


It is seen that education institutes use many techniques to increase the quality of the services being provided. However, as competition in the education sector has been rising dramatically, it is hard to differentiate the services offered. In this perspective, it is becoming hard to attract and keep loyal learners in education institutes. So, lifelong learning and continuing professional development are the two tools that enhance the level of loyalty to the education institutes. In this study, an attempt has been made to understand the factors that define learner’s loyalty in the Vocational Education Institutes. In addition, the relation of trust to the Institute, satisfaction, and learner’s loyalty variables to the service quality will be researched. In this sense, 184 questionnaires have been conducted to students who have attended the Public Oversight Board Education Program offered by Istanbul Commerce University’s Lifelong Learning Center. Data has been analyzed by Structural Equation Modelling. According to the results of the study, education institutes who deal solely with the issue of trust, satisfaction, and learner’s loyalty can have the potential to keep their learners on hand on a life-long basis thereby earning their loyalty to the fullest extent.


Lifelong learning, learner’s loyalty, service quality, trust, satisfaction

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