Farmers’ technology adoption decision and use intensity in the agricultural sector: Case of Masha District (Double Hurdle Model)

Amsalu Dachito Chigeto, Alebachew Angelo


Convinced with the importance of full understanding of the determinants of technology adoption in agricultural sector in planning technology-related policies and programs, this research aimed to critically analyze the determinants of technology adoption as well as the use intensity by small farm households in the study area (Masha District). To achieve the set-out objectives of the study, 6 kebelles were randomly selected from the district and 251 sample households were proportionally and randomly identified from the selected kebeles. The data collected from the sample households have been analyzed using both descriptive as well as inferential analysis. For inferential analysis, the Double Hurdle model was adopted to estimate the technology adoption decision as well as use intensity of small farm households in the study area.  Results of the findings show that technology adoption decision was associated with household-specific characteristics such as sex, education, extension and family size which increases the likelihood of technology adoption whereas rigidity with the old technology is highly correlated with the age of the Household head, where old age farmers are not inclined towards new technology. On the other hand, institutional factors such as access to extension service and access to credit facilities have a significant impact where the latter has contributed negatively to the farmers’ decision regarding technology adoption. Besides, the government should engage in awarness creation regarding new technology in the area along with ensuring fair and timely access for those technologies.

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