The Effect of the Employee Motivatıon on the Employee Performance in Banks in Somalia

Abdiaziiz Aqil, Ahu Tuğba Karabulut, Hümeyra Nur Hatipoğlu


The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of employee motivation on the employee performance in banks in Somalia. The article uses a quantitative survey method to empirically analyze the data collected by the questionnaire. The data was collected from 365 employees and managers who work in several Somalian banks in different cities in Somalia. The Employee Motivation Scale developed by Gagné et al. (2010, pp. 641-642) has 12 items and was taken from Zengin (2019, pp. 22-23) and The Job Performance Scale developed by Goodman and Svyantek (1999, p. 261) has 25 items were used in the study. Frequency distribution analysis, reliability analysis, factor analyses, correlation analysis, and regression analysis were applied to the data. According to the results of the analysis, the employee motivation affects the employee performance in banks in Somalia.


Employee Motivation, Employee Performance, Somalian Banks

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