Managers’ Personality Traits Over Management Styles and Decision-Making Styles

Beliz Ülgen, Mehmet Sağlam, Türker Tuğsal


The paper seeks to offer a contribution to the extent literature on the role of managers’ personality characteristics over management styles and decision-making styles. We have prepared a questionnaire which consists of Girgin’s (2007) personality scale adaptation from Goldberg (1992), Kurban’s (2015) decision-making scale adopted from Scott and Bruce (1995), and Yıldızhan’s (2012) management style scale. The questionnaire is conducted among managers and employees in various sectors in Istanbul via the single random sampling method. Frequency analysis is applied to descriptive findings. In order to determine reliability and validity of the scales, reliability and factor analysis are performed. We have focused on investigating the impact of managers’ personality traits on management styles and decision-making styles by applying the Multivariate Regression Model and Correlation Analysis. The result of the factor analysis revealed that the three dimensions (extraversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness) of big-five personality traits have a significant effect on some dimensions of managers’ decision making and management styles.


Personality Traits, Management Styles, Decision-Making Styles, Multivariate Regression Model

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