Analysis of the Ideal Sukuk Structure from the Perspective of Maqasid Sharia of Wealth (Indonesia Case)

Shinta Melzatia, Mahroji Mahroji, Ickhsanto Wahyudi, Lucky Nugroho


The purpose of this study is to analyze the existing sukuk structure in Indonesia based on the perspective of maqasid sharia. Furthermore, the method used in this study is the quality supported by secondary data, namely financial statements and prospectuses of companies that issue sukuk. The companies sampled for this study were companies that issued sukuk, a total of 33 companies. The result of this study is that there are several outstanding sukuk, namely (i) Sukuk Ijarah I Angkasa Pura I Year 2016; (ii) Sukuk Mudharabah Lontar Papyrus Pulp & Paper Industry I Year 2018; (iii) Sukuk Ijarah I Moratelindo Phase II 2020; (iv) Sukuk Wakalah Medco Power Indonesia I Year 2018; (v) Sukuk Ijarah Berkelanjutan III Indosat Phase I Year 2019; (vi) Sukuk Mudharabah OKI Pulp & Paper Mills I Year 2021; (vii) Sukuk Ijarah Series III PLN Phase I Year 2018. This study concludes that the market, investors, Sukuk issuers, regulators, and other parties in the issuance of Sukuk, still consider that sukuk issuance is complex and not simple. In addition, community literacy over Sukuk is also still lacking.


Sukuk, Structure, Maqasid Sharia, Maqasid Syariah of wealth.

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