The Probiotic Market in Turkey

Arzan Dilek Bozkurt, Aşkım Nurdan Tümbek Tekeoğlu


The focus on the gut microbiome is driving many health initiatives today, as it plays a critical role in maintaining overall body health. As a result, the use of microbiotic products is rapidly increasing, and Turkey is an important market in this area. To understand the dynamics of this market, its growth potential, and future predictions, a case study was conducted based on an interview with industry expert Haydar Yılmaz.

During the interview, topics such as the history and current state of the industry, growth potential, market trends, consumer behaviour, regulations, and competition were discussed. In addition, detailed information was gathered on the product ranges, production processes, and R&D activities of companies operating in the sector. This information provided an important resource for understanding the industry's current state and identifying future growth opportunities. In the study, the data obtained were analyzed using the narrative analysis method.

The microbiome and probiotic market in Turkey has high growth potential, creating opportunities for companies in the future. Investing in R&D and innovation is crucial for the sector's development and utilizing the microbiome in marketing strategies can be advantageous. Ultimately, this sector can have positive effects on human health.


:Microbiome; Microbiota; Functional Food; Probiotic Market in Turkey

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