Benefiting from the Collective Labor Agreement in Turkish Collective Bargaining System

Mehmet Saim Aşçı


Collective agreement system, which closely involves the content of social fabric and separation of powers in industrial society -some of the main problems constituting economic, political and judicial fabric of the society- and as the product of a historical development process, is applied in many countries as a dynamic process that is able to rapidly adapt to both changing economic and social conditions and changes in technological structure and plays the most effective role in determining employment conditions. A collective labor agreement is primarily formed for the purpose of improving working conditions of workers and to recover their material circumstances through other side benefits provided in goods and money in addition to salary increases. Naturally, aspiration of employees to benefit from collective labor agreement applied in the workp-lace they serve is for their self-interest. However, to be able to benefit from collective labor agreement, while only aspiring is not sufficient to utilize it; fulfilling a set of conditions is also necessary.


Collective Bargaining, Labour Unions, Collective Labour Agreements, Employees

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