Work Attitudes Influencing Job Involvement Among ‘Y’ Generation

Murat Bolelli, Beril Durmuş


The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of different work attitudes of Generation Y on Job Involvement in Turkey. Data is collected from Generation Y employees who work in various companies operating in different markets in Turkey through a questionnaire survey, which contains work attitude statements developed by Kamau et al. (2014) and the Job Involvement scale developed by Kanungo (1982). 258 respondents completed the survey. After sorting and removing duplicate submissions a net sample of 228 usable questionnaires remained. Exploratory Factor Analysis is conducted to job involvement scale which returned five items. Also multiple regression analyses are conducted using all 39 work attitude items, lead to finding out 7 which are explaining job involvement.

The findings indicate that, work takes a central place in the lives of Generation Y. They like to work and ambitious in their career pursuit. Such factors as, high commitment level to job related goals, strong motivational investment level to their careers, tendency to identify themselves with work are blurring the boundaries of work-personal life balance of Generation Y. Respecting educational differences highly, Generation Y discriminates work relationships according to the qualifications and the level of education with their colleagues. Generation Y also has respect to their bosses and cares less about salaries as compared to work itself.

The implications of the results are discussed and future research areas are suggested.


Work Attitude, Job Involvement, Generation Y

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