A Strategic Differentiator in Global Competition: Talent Management

Mehmet Saim Aşçı


When the gift called talent meets success, it becomes so intense that no force in the world can stop it. If one works with a team with the right talents, the decision-making and implementation processes will be much faster. Companies focus on capital, information technologies, equipment and top quality processes and act accordingly, but the most important factor of all is “human”. What makes good companies truly big is their ability to attract and keep the right talents. It is difficult to find young talents, and it is even more difficult to retain them. To maintain a competitive advantage in today’s world, retaining the best talents in the organization with commitment is just as important as finding them. Today, the best and the brightest must be included in the team to maintain a competitive advantage. Companies that lose their key employees may miss very important business opportunities. The realization that the most important source that feeds the sustai-nable competitive advantage is talent has led the management to focus all its attention on talents. The increase in the importance attached to talent has helped employees have improved self-confidence and allowed them to turn their creativity into a competitive advantage. From this perspective, talents have allowed for the introduction of new approaches for employees in the management process. This study attempts to explain concepts of functionality, vitality, developing commitment, creating engagement, accountability, which are the key success factors of talent management processes, as well as obstacles to and disadvantages of talent management.


Talent Management, Competitive Advantage, Human Resources Management

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