Marketing Mix and Purchasing Behavior for Japanese Motorcycle Brand in Indonesia

Etty Susilowati, Andre Aghata Rezaldy Moeladi


The increasing population in Indonesia leads to increasing demand for motorcycles as one of transportation means. Ease of operation and affordable prices cause motorcycles as a very popular transportation means in Indonesia, especially in big cities. This is because of the traffic density and the people's desire to arrive at their destination quickly. One of the Japanese brands, Honda Beat is the highest selling motorcycle brand in Indonesia based on the data from The Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association. In this study, we investigate the relationship of marketing mix with consumer purchasing behavior of this specific brand. A judgmental sampling was applied to 100 consumers in Greater Jakarta. Multiple linear regression was employed to analyze the data. The results indicated that promotions have the highest influence on consumer purchasing behaviors of the brand (coeff. = 0.503), then followed by products (coeff. = 0.320), and price perceptions (coeff. = 0.224). This study contributes to the marketing literature by adding a new empirical evidence on how marketing mix can generate perception and preference of brand personality, especially in motorcycle brands. The findings of this study will assist managers of motorcycle brand to maximize specific factors from marketing mix analysis to increase consumer purchasing behavior. Finally, in terms of the method employed in marketing studies, this study contributes to the literature by adding a new combination of a quantitative study of multiple linear regression and personal opinion of consumers.


Marketing mix, Purchasing behavior, Transportation, Multiple linear regression

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