Perceived Service Quality, Perceived Value for Money, Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention: An Evaluation on Private University Services

S. E. Leonnard


Repurchase intention is a very important goal for private universities in the very high competition in the world of education today with fellow private universities and state universities. The students' decision to do repurchase intention is influenced by many factors. The success of private universities in identifying and focusing the university's marketing and development strategies based on those factors will greatly determine the sustainability of the universities’ business. Therefore, this study investigated the private university customers' perception of quality and value for money and its effect on satisfaction and students’ repurchase intention. A causal design survey was applied out of 150 students of private universities in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Partial Least Square (PLS) was employed to analyze the data. The research outcome signified that there was a direct positive effect of perceived value for money on satisfaction, perceived service quality on perceived value for money, and perceived service quality on satisfaction and repurchase intention. The total effect of perceived service quality on repurchase intention was higher through an indirect effect of satisfaction. On the contrary, a direct effect of perceived value for money on repurchase intention was not confirmed.


private universities, perceived service quality, perceived value for money, student satisfaction, repurchase intention, PLS

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