Gender, Entrepreneurship and Socioeconomic Reparation in Jammu & Kashmir

Bilal Ahmad Pandow, Salma Shabir Ashai, Gousiya Hussain


The entrepreneurship growth is being recognized as a serviceable means of tackling Jammu and Kashmir’s [J&K] socioeconomic challenges of high unemployment, and unbalanced distribution of income. The unemployment rates revealed by National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) for the state presents a depressed image of the condition of women in the state. According to the NSSO employment position of females in urban areas are worse than that of men. The indicators were analyzed and found that the females in urban areas are unemployed and the rate is at 11.7 percent. And the same pointer for the unemployment rate for the male population is hovering at 6.7 percent and the figure at all-India for the woman (urban) joblessness rate is at 7.9 percent. It is observed that existing policies overlook the gender as a potential input for addressing the grave issue. Despite this females have proven their mettle using their peculiar gender nature effectively and efficiently in small and micro business which calls for an immediate attention by the government towards promotion of women in entrepreneurship.



Gender, Entrepreneurship, Jammu and Kashmir, Sociocultural diversity

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