Strategic Management Sensitivity Scale Development and Validity Research

Munir Atas, Murat Kasımoğlu


The paper aims to develop a scale to be applied to the managers by conducting sensitivity analysis on strategic management activities. This paper uses a sample of 320 managers who are working in strategy units in the public institutions, municipalities, private sector, universities and managers engaged in strategic management activities in Turkey. Data is collected via the draft scale called “Strategic Management Sensitivity Scale Form” developed by the researcher. Dimensionality analysis, normality analysis, reliability analysis and factor analysis for construct validity are performed for data processing. The results revealed that the scale has 24 items measured by a five-point Likert-type scale. The items are grouped under three factors as (1) Distribution, Dissemination and Action Sensitivity, (2) Planning Sensitivity and (3) Process Sensitivity. They accounted for 58.49% of the total variance. The scale has a Cronbach’s alpha coefficient of 0.86. This improved scale is found fairly high in terms of validity and reliability. This paper has focused on the roles of managers in strategic management and strategic planning processes. The results show the importance of the managers’ strategic management activities in the planning and decision making processes. This paper contributes to the literature on strategic management and strategic planning on managerial issues, human resource effectiveness and firms’ strategies. Organizations can benefit from this scale on issues such as better recognition of people in recruitment, determination of training needs and promotion process.

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