Financial Inclusion in Africa through Mobile Money Services: A SWOT Analysis of Mobile Money Services: Evidence from Bukavu in DR Congo

Kulondwa Safari, Lukogo Chanceline


Financial inclusion has been proved as a strategy to fight poverty. Africa is a continent where the poverty rate is high and the financial sector is not developed. The continent needs more financial innovation and an increase of financial access to fight these problems. Mobile money, a mobile based financial service has been including more and more people in the financial system and the sector is growing. A lot of studies grew interest in this new financial service but none studied the system strategically. This study uses the strategic approach SWOT, completed by TOWs matrix to ascertain the current status and the future of Mobile money services. The results revealed several strengths and significant opportunities for the system as well as its weaknesses and threats. Several strategies are proposed afterward.


Mobile Money, SWOT Analysis, Financial Inclusion, Africa

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