The Impact of Mall Attractiveness on Mall Patronage Intention: The Mediating Effect of Mall Personality

Özgür Çengel, Ilgın Çakıroğlu


There are many shopping malls operating in recent years.  In order to achieve success in a competitive environment, these shopping malls should attract consumers and show their mall personality to differentiate from competition. This can be possible by revealing the attractive features of the mall from the consumer perspective and understanding the consumer behavior. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationships between mall attractiveness, mall personality and mall patronage intention, as well as revealing the mall attractiveness and mall personality factors. In this context, data was collected with face-to-face survey method, from 414 people that visited the Trabzon Forum Mall. Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) were used to analyze the survey responses from 414 shopping mall patrons. The findings indicate that shopping mall attractiveness has significant positive impact on mall patronage intention and mall personality has a full mediating effect between shopping mall attractiveness and mall patronage intention.


Shopping Mall Attractiveness, Mall Personality, Mall Patronage Intention, Structural Equation Modeling

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