Factors Influencing the Success of Agricultural Cooperatives Marketing in a Case of Some Selected Woredas of Ilubabor And Buno Bedele Zones

Kibru Kefay Godo, Endale Alemu Hora, Shiferaw Tamiru



This study aimed at assessing and identifying the factors influencing the success of agricultural marketing cooperatives in Some Selected Woredas of Ilubabor And Buno Bedele Zones. The targets for this research were members of agricultural marketing cooperatives (AMCs). For the sake of achieving the objectives of this study, responses were elicited from four hundred thirty five (435) respondents who were drawn from the target population using random sampling procedure. Face-to-face interviews were conducted with 21 officers’ and cooperative leaders of AMCs. Data were analyzed using inferential analyses. Besides, the qualitative data collected were analyzed using descriptive narrations through concurrent triangulation strategy. The findings indicate that, there exists positive significant ranging from strong to Very strong relationship was found between independent variables and dependent variable.  Moreover, the selected independent variables significantly explain the variations in the dependent variable. Finally, the  study  has  suggested  cooperative promoter, government, and prospective members  should  prioritize those factors that  have  greater  impact  on  their  success  than  do  others i.e., commitment of members, managerial factor and their participation, the management of cooperatives should create awareness for farmers about what benefit the farmers as well as the country would get when they provide and sell their agricultural products by cooperatives.. Additionally, the responsible government bodies should identify, address and strength the relationship of foreign and domestic market linkages and also cooperatives should be managed by professional personals to increase the success of cooperatives at the maximum level. 

Key Words: Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives, success,


Key Words: Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives, success,

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